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Our Therapies


We focus on providing an alternative to Orthopedic Surgeries and the other medical conditions. Tissues such as muscle, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and spinal discs have limited ability for repair. Our advanced Stem Cell therapies are widely used for a vast array of injuries and medical conditions caused by varying factors such as age, degenerative diseases, or sport injuries.

Some of Our therapies Include the following:


  • Shoulder Issues/Rotator Cuff Tears

    • The shoulder is comprised of several different  joints, along with tendons and ligaments which allow us the vast range of mobility in this area. Some of the common shoulder issues we see include bursitis, tendonitis, ligament tears, tendon tears, rotator cuff tears and impingements.

      Our injection specialist is highly experienced in sports medicine and skilled at targeting the precise location and root cause of most problems in our patients.

  • Knee Issue

    • One of the most common conditions that we treat at our clinic is for knee  issues. We provide a natural approach using the patient’s own stem cells to inject directly into the problem area whether it be directly into the joint capsule, or into the surrounding tissue.  It is important to know that the ligaments and tendon tissues support the joints and are responsible for the joint space as much as or likely even more than the cartilage does.

      We determine whether the best  approach for therapy should be Stem Cells or PRP based on the extent of injury or damage to the knee. If there is a minor tear or sprained ligament, PRP might be ok; however in the case of more severe and degenerative conditions, Stem Cells might be the recommended therapy to repair and regenerate the knee.


  • Hips

    • After the knee, hip problems are one of the more common problems  seen  in most of our patients. The most common condition is Osteoarthritis or “wear and tear” arthritis. In order to properly assess and evaluate a patient’s condition, we require an MRI or Xray in some cases to determine whether Stem Cells and or PRP will be beneficial. We incorporate a palpation method as well to examine where the pain generators are located. It is often the case that a patient might have pain in the hip, however the origin of the pain is elsewhere. As is usual with all regenerative injection protocols, we ask patients to avoid anti-inflammatory medications prior to their Stem Cell therapy.

      Most of our patients here at Florida Stem Cell do well with our regenerative approach of Stem Cells and PRP. We highly recommend opting for a less invasive and non-surgical  approach to use the body’s own natural repair mechanism before resorting to joint replacements.


  • Back Pain/Sciatica and Sacroiliac Dysfunction

  • Hands/Elbows


  • Wrist Pain

    • Our success rate with wrist pain is over 85%. For more severe cases stem cells are indicated but in many cases PRP alone might work quite well. The vast majority of wrsit pain comes from sprained ligaments. To my mind, regenerative injections is the only reasonable way to fix this.


      One patient had severe pain for years and had tried splints and been to the best hand surgeons in the country. She was almost at the point of retiring from her Nursing career because she couldn't function. It took four or five sessions of PRP but she improved dramatically. She is now pain free and able to function normally. Last I heard she had returned to scuba diving and was heading for the Caribbean.


      As usual the only way to confirm that a patient is a good candidate is with a detailed palpation exam. Arnica gel often helps and can be applied several times per day. Pharamaceutical anti-inflammatories should be avoided, as should steroid injections.



  • Ankles/Feet

  • Arthritis

  • Most Sports Injuries

  • COPD

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Diabetes type II

  • Onset Parkinson’s

  • Onset Alzheimer’s


Please contact us for an in-office consultation with our Stem Cell Specialists.


Do you have any  questions about stem cell therapy?  Interested in attending the next free seminar to learn more?


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Helmut Makosch assists in stem cell treatment
Helmut Makosch assists in stem cell treatment
Helmut Makosch assists in stem cell treatment
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