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What are autologous adult stem cells (AASC) ?


AASC’s are stem cells harvested from the adipose tissue better known as “fat” from the patient (autologous) during a mini liposuction procedure. These dormant  stems cells are extracted from the fat during liposuction and processed in a sterile environment, activated and combined with PRP derived from your own blood.


PRP-s is a special prepared concentrate of your growth factors whereby the platelets have been cracked open to yield a very high growth factor count.



Does medical insurance cover this procedure?


Despite the fact that this procedure is not covered by medical insurance, most deductibles to have surgery for related issues are similar in cost.



Payment methods?


We accept most major credit cards.



Is stem cell therapy versus a joint replacement worth the while?


Absolutely, stem cell therapy uses your body’s own natural repair mechanism to heal and repair your issue hence avoiding the need for invasive surgeries or artificial joint replacement.



Who is a candidate?


Anyone who has been living for pain and looking for an alternative to surgery. There is no discrimination of age or gender to have stem cell therapy. If you would like to have your daily activities of like back, using your body’s own repair mechanism;  then stem cells might be an option for you.



How many stem cells are injected?


In our lab, we do viability tests and stem cell count, the yield is typically multiple times higher as seen using a stem cell kit procedure.


Call us at 855-355-7836 to make an appointment for a consultation to find out how stem cells can work for you.



Where do you get the stem cells from?


The stem cells are taken from your own body; primarily from the abdominal region, or any other area that is most abundant in adipose tissue (fat).



Why do you get the stem cells from adipose tissue and not somewhere else?


Stem cells are abundant and dormant in adipose tissue; we process your stem cells and activate them for injection into your joint or problem area.



What is the difference between Stem Cell and PRP?


Call 855-355-7836 for more information.



Can PRP alone help my Problem and how many PRP injections would be beneficial for proper healing?


Call 855-355-7836 for more information.



What conditions can respond to stem cell therapy?


Stem cells can help heal almost any joint in the body. The most common conditions we use this therapy for include arthritis of the knee or hip (even bone-on-bone), meniscal issues, rotator cuff, back pain, neck issues and sports injuries. If you have persistent pain in a joint or region, I would recommend that you consult a good Orthopedic stem cell specialist who can evaluate the root-cause of the pain and determine if you would be a good candidate for stem cells or PRP.



How can a person confirm if they are a good candidate?


If we can identify specific structures that are damaged and if, when directly palpated, they reproduce the pain pattern (I,e. the “jump sign”) syndrome we are quite certain we have the correct diagnosis.



In which patients do you recommend stem cells and where do you suggest PRP?


PRP (platelet rich plasma) is prepared in about 45 minutes from a simple blood draw. PRP represent natural growth factors that can activate our naturally occurring stem cells. If the patient is younger and the damage is not too severe and has not been there too long, PRP by itself might take care of it. On the other hand if the patient is older and the damage or injury is more severe, stem cells with PRP may be required for faster and more complete healing. Stem cells with PRP are more powerful than PRP alone and generally it is a one-time therapy. With stem cells, the patients will commonly notice improvements faster. PRP, on its own, can heal many conditions but it commonly takes three treatments over a few months to achieve the desired results. Sometimes where PRP has failed, we end up doing stem cells to complete the healing process.



How long does it take to notice the improvements?


Usually faster with stem cells. Many patients may notice improvements within 48 hours. PRP varies more and is slower. It may take two or three PRPs before people appreciate changes.



What is the approximate success rate?


We have consistently maintained a high success rate. Call 855-355-7836 for more information.



What should you look for in choosing a good clinic to get stem cells or PRP?


As with surgery or any other advanced procedure, the results largely depend on the skill and expertise of your doctor. Unfortunately there are a growing number of “dabblers” in the field of Orthopedic stem cells who have limited injection experience and who are using inferior quality stem cells preparations. For optimal results with Orthopedic stem cells you require two things. First, you need the highest potency stem cell preparation possible. Second, you need a skilled and experienced injection specialist who can correctly diagnose the root-cause of the problem and inject the stem cells at precisely the right locations.

Florida Stem Cells


Stem cell analysis performed by Helmut Makosch

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