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Osteoarthritis is the number one indication for orthopedic stem cell therapy. OA is a degenerative process that affects millions in this country and is a huge cause of disability and pain. Although traditional approaches use anti-inflammatory medications to alleviate the pain and surgical replacement when things get too bad, we feel that in many cases stem cell therapy is the treatment of choice and will be a far more effective solution to the problem.


Common joints affected are the weight bearing joints of the knee and hip, but OA can pretty well affect almost any joint in the body. As the science of stem cells and regenerative approaches are improving we are getting more and more success at solving joint issues with stem cell injections.


At Fountain our overall success rate is more than 85% for long-term relief of pain and return of function. As always the important things are to get good stem cells (from a patient’s abdominal fat) and to inject them in the correct place. We feel that it is important that all the affected structures are injected so we always inject all the surrounding connective tissue structures that are involved as well as the affected joint itself. In addition to conventional tests like x-ray and possibly MRI, it is vital that the patient receive a detailed palpation exam with an experienced Regenerative Orthopedic specialist to identify the primary pain generators.


Please look for details under the particular joint affected. If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to call us for more information. We would be happy to further explain about how stem cell therapy works and what it may be able to do for your condition.


Patient Story //

Stan is an 82 year old retired engineer with severe hip arthritis for which he had stem cell therapy with Fountain. Here is the letter he sent us: 


Dear Dr. Walter and Fountain team, 

Some three years ago I was diagnosed with sciatica and hip arthritis. My x-ray showed that my pelvis & hip were fused together with bone against bone. No cartilage left. At the time, the only option I was offered by my Orthopedic surgeon was to replace my hip.


My primary care doctor told me that stem cell therapy was available, if I so chose. Wanting to keep my hip, I made an appointment with Dr. Walter for evaluation and after our consultation I proceeded with stem cell injections. That was three months ago and I followed up with 2 PRP boosters over two months. I am delighted to report that I now have almost no pain in my hip & pelvis. My walking is greatly improved.


Thank you Dr. Walter & your fantastic team at Fountain Stem Cell for restoring my ability to keep my hip & be practically pain free. Miracles do happen. You certainly are the best in your field. Thank You.

-Mr. S. G., St. Augustine, FL

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