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Understanding Your Condition and How We Can Help


No matter what the condition, stem cell therapy may often be the most effective way to address it.  This section will list some common conditions and descriptions to help you better understand your pain, and more importantly, how we can treat it.


Knee Pain

One of the most common conditions that we treat at Florida Stem Cell is knee  issues. We provide a natural approach using the patient’s own stem cells to inject directly into the problem area; whether it be directly into the...


Hip Pain

After the knee, hip problems are one of the more common problems  seen  in most of our patients. The most common condition is Osteoarthritis or “wear and tear” arthritis. In order to properly assess and evaluate a patient’s condition, we...


Back Pain

Back pain can occur in a number of ways. It can be dull, sharp, local or spread over a large muscle group. Back pain can be experienced as muscle spasms or numbness in the leg that extends below the knee. Back pain is...


Wrist Pain

The vast majority of wrist pain comes from sprained ligaments. Florida Stem Cell uses regenerative injections and is successful in reducing pain in 85% of our patients. If you're interested in treating your wrist pain with orthopedic medicine...



Although osteoarthritis can start at any age, this condition generally starts as you grow older. This is due to the stress you put on joints during years of use. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of inflammation in joints and...


Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is comprised of several different  joints, tendons and ligaments which allow us a vast range of mobility. Here at Florida Stem Cell some of the common shoulder issues we see include bursitis, tendonitis...

Other conditions are treatable with stem cell therapy too.


Hero Medical Center can not only help you with common aliments, but also with the below.  Contact us today to learn more.

Other Conditions:

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