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What is K-Laser and How Does it Work?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Man with back problems getting checked.

K-laser is an FDA approved treatment modality that is used mostly for pain and inflammation. It produces a red to near infrared light at a certain wavelength to elicit beneficial effects for the body. Endorphins and collagen are just a couple examples of what k-laser promotes in the body to help enhance your natural regenerative ability. This is why k-laser is also helpful in promoting healing on surface wounds, making it a great post-operative treatment!

Used in both humans and animals, k-laser can be a great addition to the treatment/management protocol for injuries, degenerative conditions, arthritis, spinal injury, and more!

For more information about k-laser and other treatments, call Hero Medical Center today to get in touch with our experts or attend one of our informational seminars! Look out for our next blogs for more information content as well.

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