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Global Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Research in Treating COVID-19

The global hardship of COVID-19 has galvanized the medical community from around the world to come up with creative and innovative ways to combat the virus. As people are studying anti-viral medication and vaccines, there are also scientists who are studying the application of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in COVID-19.

MSC can be derived from numerous parts of the body including fat, dental pulp, the umbilical cord, and more. They have the ability to differentiate into several cell types giving them incredible flexibility making them an asset in healing. In respiratory disease such as COVID-19, one of the most important structures in the lungs to keep in mind are the alveoli. These are little sacs in our lungs that contain the air that we breathe. It is here where oxygen goes into the bloodstream and where carbon dioxide comes out. Pneumonia (a common effect of COVID-19) is an infection of the lungs that is often accompanied by fluid building up. As you can imagine, your alveoli cannot deliver oxygen to your blood as easily when they are full of fluids. MSC can help because they protect the alveoli and help the patient breath better in amidst an infection.

Our family at Florida Stem Cell wishes you and your loved ones good health. If you are interested in learning more about stem cells, sign up for a seminar and browse other articles on our website!

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