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The Huge Role of Stem Cells in Every Healing Process

"As a surgeon, I cut into the body and rely on it to heal. I don't have to yell into the wound and tell it how." This is a quote from Dr. Bernie Siegel, a surgeon from Yale University. It brings up the great point that the purpose of medicine is to support the body in healing itself. We as humans have not developed the technology that allows us to completely take over the healing process on our own and all the medical interventions that have been applauded are merely efforts that assist the body's performance. At the center of this healing cascade are stem cells.   

Specifically, MSC's (mesenchymal stem cells) are found throughout the body and plays a huge role in tissue regeneration and healing. They travel the site of injury, intelligently survey to wound, and strategically release a series of chemicals that promote healing. What's amazing is that the chemical cocktail MSC's release is injury and site specific which is why we consider this response as intelligent. MSC's also cause angiogenesis which is the formation of new blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the site of injury for better healing.  

When there is a decrease in healing, there can be an issue with having not enough stem cells or abnormally functioning stem cells. Factors such as age can decrease the amount of stem cells available attributing to chronic pain. By injecting stem cells in an area of slow healing and chronic pain, we can help the body heal itself better. This is the hallmark of regenerative medicine.  

Our family at Florida Stem Cell wishes you and your loved ones good health. If you are interested in learning more about stem cells, sign up for a seminar and browse other articles on our website!

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