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Shoulder Pain


Shoulder issues are also a very common presenting problem. The shoulder is a very shallow joint that is totally dependent on its’ ligamentous capsule and the overlying rotator cuff muscles and tendons for stability. As the joint loosens it can start clicking and become painful. One of the first sign of shoulder problems can be night time pain when people lie on it.


As the muscles relax over time, you pull on the capsule- if the capsule is weak, you’ll feel it. MRI gives quite an incomplete picture of exactly what structures are involved. A detailed palpation exam with an experienced regenerative injection specialist is the best way to determine exactly what structures need to be regenerated. (we call it advanced digital guidance systems). As well as injecting in the whole joint we evaluate and commonly inject other shoulder structures including the Anterior Capsule, Coracoid, Infraspinatus, Supraspinatus, Levator Scapulae and Longismus thoracic attachments. In Regenerative Orthopedics it is important to get all the pain generators if you want complete resolution of the pain and dysfunction.


Usually three or four PRP sessions (at 2-4 week intervals) over two or three months are sufficient to complete the healing of damaged structures. If the problem persists or if the damage/degeneration is severe than stem cells/PRP may be indicated as a first-line therapy. We can also use stem cells /PRP as first line if the patient desires a faster healing process.


Our overall success rate for resolving rotator cuff strains and sprains exceeds 80%.


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