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Who is a good stem cell candidate?


Stem cell therapy is a viable alternative for those who are considering surgery or joint replacement.


Most Candidates for stem cell therapy include people with an active lifestyle that have experienced injuries throughout their lifetime, that have cartilage wear and tear and experience chronic pain.


Other candidates may be individuals who experience minor pains and people who want to be proactive in addressing issues they foresee advancing in the future. 


No matter which type of candidate you may be, we abide by consistent screening protocols to determine whether our therapies can provide you with beneficial results.


If I am determined to be a strong candidate for stem cell therapy, what is the next step?


Once you opt to receive stem cell therapy, we use your very own stem cells.  Since stem cells come directly from you, there is little to no risks involved in the procedure. In most cases, patients respond favorably to stem cell therapy on the initial treatment.


On average, most patients start to see signs of improvement within six to eight weeks after the procedure. Patients will typically experience less pain within days due to the reduction of inflammation. In some rare cases, a patient might need additional booster treatments of PRP to get improved results.

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