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How does the process work?


At Florida Stem Cell our therapies are done on an outpatient basis. A mini liposuction procedure is performed removing enough fat of approximately 150-300 cc of fat from you to be processed for stem cells. This fat is processed for stem cells using our unique and precise methods, and combined with your platelet rich plasma (PRP-s) which is taken from a small amount of your blood.

Process of Stem Cell Therapy

fat cells.

the stem cells.

Introduce stem cells into the body.

The combination  of SC and PRP-s combined together create a potent cocktail that can rebuild and repair almost any joint in your body. Your stem cells combined with your PRP are then injected into your body via the problem area whether it be a joint, or the surrounding tissue.


Process of PRP Therapy


the platelets.

Extract platelet rich plasma.

Our therapy procedure is minimally invasive and safe as it is using your own stem cells to help heal your body. The process for stem cells takes approximately 3-4 hours. There is very little or next to no down time after this procedure. Results can be experienced and seen as soon as the next day; however these stem cells need time to repair and regenerate your problem areas. A definite result should be seen within at least 30 days, and with long lasting effects.


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