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Your Success Stories are Our Ultimate Goal


Each patient has a unique condition and need. We know what it takes to succeed in patient outcomes through stem cell therapy. Find out more about how Florida Stem Cell succeeds in patient care, from the patients themselves.


Below are a few of the kind stories our patients have shared.  To submit your story, please contact us.





Stem Cell Therapy

My name is Chantal Grenier, in January 2001 I had a lobectomy of the lower left lung due to bronchiectasis (it is a chronic and degenerative condition in which area of the bronchial tubes is permanently and abnormally widened, scarred and deformed with accompanying infection). In 2013, after BCT Thorax w contrast a moderate degree of emphysematous changes were noted, at the time I was a smoker and I did not worry too
much as I felt good, I believed that I was rarely out of breath and had a smoker’s cough, in fact I thought the surgery cured the bronchiectasis.

Fast forward to October 2017, by then I had cleaned up my act, I was a non-smoker, I did not drink, I was on whole-plant based diet and I practiced yoga 3 times a week. Mid-October I started coughing, I did not worry as many other yogi in the class were coughing, after a few weeks there was no more coughing in the class except for me.

At the end of November I was prescribed by my GP Azithromycin 250 mg - did not help. Mid-December it was Levoflaxacin 500 mg - less cough but still out of breath. Then at the end of December Prednisone - it seemed to help with the inflammation. By that time, breathing was difficult, I was coughing up mucus and at time it was so thick that I had to literally pull it out of my throat with my hand. The color of my skin was turning greenish/
grayish, I was tired most of the time.

In January 2018 I started nebulizing 3 times a day and I had less cough, but still I had infection. Slowly I was getting better, I went to see my pneumologist in March in order to have a CT Scan done and have his opinion on the state of my lungs. My pulmonary function testing plummeted from 88% to 66%. He only prescribed an inhaler for the COPD, after reading the side effects of the product, I chose not to use it and continued
nebulizing with Wild Oregano Oil, Coloidal silver and albuterol instead.

I had my first Stem Cell Treatment on April 3rd, 2018, it was followed by 3 more treatments. I saw my pneumologist again in December had a CT Scan and pulmonary function testing done and he reports the following : “Pulmonary testing was remarkable for mild obstructive defect. CT Scan of the thorax was remarkable for bilateral emphysematous changes, resolution of her previous left lower lobe infiltrate and no
significant bronchiectasis.”

                         - Chantal Grenier


Parkinson's Disease

Stem Cell Therapy

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 5 years ago. During that time I have tried many different medications that address symptoms. I found myself on a downward staircase. Going along level for a while, hitting a lower spot and then bouncing back but never as high as I was before the down spot. Depression, pain, inability to walk without assistance. The list goes on and on. Unable to write, swallow properly, put my fingers to together, bothered by cold. The list goes on and on. If you have Parkinson’s you know what I am talking about.

Since treatment everything has changed. I have a clear mind, a great attitude and energy and desire and ability to do things. The pain is reducing, the stiffness and tremors are reducing, even with a reduction of sinemet and other medications.

To me the greatest improvement is the realization that my mind fog lifted. I did not even know I had it until one day it just went away and I felt I could think clearly again.

Now I feel like i am on an up hill stair case. Going along level, then hit a down spot and bounce back higher then I was before the down spot. This has given me my life back. My treatment story still has a long way to go before these LIFE CELLs (more appropriate name then stem cells) finish regenerating me from the inside. After 6 weeks since treatment I have already received more then I paid for. I look forward with great anticipation.

Where was I mentally before treatment. Perhaps this little story will give you some insight. A Dr. friend, who by the way knows nothing about stem cell treatment, told me, “I could die from this treatment, do you still want to do it?” My response “I have nothing to loose but a few bucks.”

                         - Male Anonymous


Severe Knee Injury

Stem Cell Therapy

My name is Laura Arlunas and I am an Florida Stem Cell- Alpha Probe patient. I want to share my success story of my stem cell treatment to my right knee. In 2001 my pain was so terrible I couldn’t walk without a cane or a walker. I went to an orthopedic specialist to see what could be done for me; he sent me to have imaging done on my knee. The imaging showed a cracked patella, bone on bone and no cartilage. The doctor said that I needed a knee replacement, but when he explained the procedure, the down time and aftercare I needed, I just couldn’t see how I could manage having it done.

I went years living in pain and walking with a cane. I couldn’t do the things I loved, I lost a lot of my strength and my energy level started to decline. I saw Dr. Hinman in 2015 and he mentioned stem cell therapy as a good alternative to knee replacement surgery, which I had never heard of before. After being more informed on this procedure and the recovery time I decided to try it.

On August 24, 2016 I had the stem cell procedure done which included a mini liposuction and knee injection with my own stem cells. The recovery was nothing, it entailed a visit to have my lipo- incision checked and that was it. Within 10 days I was able to walk without my cane, my energy level was through the roof! In three weeks, my strength started to come back, and I was able to lift my 80lb dog into the car within 6 months.
I am still walking without a cane and I walk at least 2 miles every day. In 2018 I started to feel a little discomfort while I was walking one day. I decided to go in for a PRP injection to reenergize the stem cells in my knee. I have had wonderful success with this treatment, and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone.


                         - Laura Arlunas


Severe Hip Arthritis

Stem Cell Therapy

Some three years ago I was diagnosed with sciatica and hip arthritis. My x-ray showed that my pelvis & hip were fused together with bone against bone. No cartilage left. At the time, the only option I was aware of was the Orthopedic surgeon who wanted to give me a new hip.


My primary care doctor told me that stem cell therapy was available, if I so chose. Wanting to keep my hip. Three months ago I had the stem cell procedure which I followed-up with two booster P.R.P. injections. I am delighted to report that I now have almost no pain in my hip & pelvis. My walking is greatly improved.


Thank you for restoring my ability to keep my hip & be practically pain free. Miracles do happen. You certainly are the best in your field. Thank you.


                         - Male| Age 82


Severe Osteoarthritis

Stem Cell Therapy

I am writing this letter to let people know that there is a non-surgical cure for severe arthritis.


I am a 67 year old healthy, active female.  I began experiencing hip discomfort a year ago during my daily 3 mile walk. “Thank You” for returning me to a happy, healthy, functioning life!


                           - Female | Age 67


Severe Knee Arthritis

Stem Cell Therapy

I suffered with knee pain for a year. Multiple cortisone injections gave no benefit and I was anxious to find an alternative to joint replacement surgery. After a single treatment I was 80% improved. He was highly skilled at finding just the right spot with his palpation exam and when he injected it hurt “so good” and I knew he was in the right spots.


I am grateful to be back to a full, active life.

- Female | Age 82

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