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The Best Results

How to get the best results with stem cells and PRP


There are two major determinants of optimizing results. One, use the very best PRP and stem cells possible (meaning the purest, highest counts). Second, you need the PRP/stem cells to be injected at precisely the right spots. Finding the right spot and injecting correctly is almost an art. In this field MRI and even ultrasound have severe limitations. You need to find a specialist with advanced palpation skills who can identify the precise structures that are the primary pain-generators and inject them with precision.


I would caution people as they search for the right specialist. There are many dabblers out there who are getting into this field. I would estimate that there are currently only about two hundred good Regenerative Orthopedic specialists in the U.S.  For best results I would suggest that you choose a doctor with a background in Prolotherapy who has done regenerative injections for many years.



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